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Pathfinder 2E Compatible - Campaign Setting (FREE)
(In Development - Coming Soon!)
Fragments of Creation:
A Campaign Setting of Endless Shard-Worlds

In a broken plane lies a myriad of worlds that once were one. Now unknown forces are again connecting those worlds that laid unreachable to each other for millenniums, and the consequences are dire.

Explore the first three shardwords, Alur'Fayur, Karineria and Long-Nai, and deal with the problems of each of those worlds and new problems that arises from their sudden contact.

Each Shardworld has its unique societies, deities, history and theme, as each world evolved completely on its own. How will those worlds cooperate or damage each other? Why are the worlds suddenly getting connected?

The Shardworlds are in need of heroes and adventurers prepared to take the risks and look for answers.

Visit the lush elven world of Alur'Fayur, and face the invasion of giant worms that are devouring their lands and annihilating the peaceful elven people. Deal with a fairy-like court politics, destroyed cities, refugees, and a sudden lack of resources, bringing famine, previously unknown to the elves of Alur'Fayur.


Be an adventurer from Karineria, a war-torn world with pragmatic gods and lands filled with strange planar magic. Face strange otherworldly creatures that roam the countryside and the sub-terrains, deal with diplomacy, war and active and powerful religions and try to make a name for yourself.


Or travel the lands of Long-Nai, the eternal empire, where Clans and Sects strive to produce the most powerful and legendary martial artists in a land where personal power and enlightenment is everything, and everyone is looking for a path to divine ascension.

How will worlds so different fare when they get bound together by huge and unknown portals?

Fragments of Creation Campaign Setting is based on the SRD and Open Licencing from Paizo for publishing content for Pathfinder 2nd Edition. 

Compatibility with Pathfinder Second Edition requires Pathfinder Second Edition from Paizo Inc. See to learn more about Pathfinder. Paizo Inc. does not guarantee compatibillity, and does not endorse this product.

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